June 2013
Download application and use a NFC phone on reader mode, done!

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March 2013
La Sarthe started a new configuration with same application!

After five months in a raw of functional ticketing system, la Sarthe (West of France - around Le Mans city) is deploying, besides the first tablet configuration, a second configuration with a special ruggedized te

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24 January 2013
Presentation of the concept to standardization experts hosted by UITP

A presentation of the EUROPTIMA achievements was made to the standardization authorities in Brussels to validate the Europtima concept alignment with all the latest standards in

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January 2013
The Pilot in Lisbon has started!!!

This is a second success for the Europtima concept proving that it EUROPTIMA architecture suits a variety of different environments.

Drivers were rapidly trained even though they never u

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October 2012
The Pilot in la Sarthe has started !!!

It was functional on the vehicles from start.

A complete success proving that the Europtima concept is operational.

Thanks again to the teams of the EUROPTIMA partners that made it hap

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15 March 2012
2nd meeting with EUROPTIMA advisory Board

Approaching the project mid-term, EUROPTIMA met the Advisory Group on 15 March 2012 at UITP premises in Brussels.

This very constructive mee

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First workshop of the EUROPTIMA Advisory Group

On the 2nd March 2011, the Advisory Group of EUROPTIMA (EAG) met in Paris. The EAG is expected to play a key role in supporting a critical view on the project resulting vision and technical and commercial approach

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June 2013
Download application and use a NFC phone on reader mode, done!

The Proof of Concept the consortium was achieved successfully.

With a Micro-SD or a SIM as a secure element, we were able to download Over the Air applications from two networks and read card of the two networks using a Samsung Galaxy SII.

It is a significant step toward a future complete download OTA of the security with the supportof enforced stakeholders.