EUROPTIMA targets the need to change the Automatic Data and Fare Collection paradigm in order to create a new mobility business concept. EUROPTIMA's approach is triggered by the:

  • difficulties for small operators, with to date low IT resources, to step into highly sophisticated fare and data collection systems currently characterizing e-ticketing world;
  • necessity to cope in a practical way with the separation between regulatory authorities and exploitation operators and the consequent necessity to develop technical and functional interoperability open practices;
  • requirements for the economic optimization of the Mass Transit exploitation and the consequent absolute requirement for extensive use of standards and low cost infrastructure;
  • lack of agility in applying the contactless devices not just in small Mass Transit operators, but also in other identically small mobility and city services, with the perspective of generalizing citizen-centric integrated solutions;
  • development of multi-applications environment.
EUROPTIMA addresses the need for implementing data and fare collection systems adapted to the requirements of mass transit operators, especially small scale ones, in terms of implementation and operation costs, modularity and flexibility of fare evolutions, interoperability and customer relationship.

EUROPTIMA targets to :

  1. Specify a coherent, comprehensive and analogous to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) architecture for Automatic Fare and Data Collection based on an open scalable modular suite satisfying industry standards including Calypso and adapted to the specific requirements of small size mass transit, multi-services and mobility operations;
  2. Develop, at prototype level, the appropriate software components and adapt hardware, communication and interfaces corresponding to the EUROPTIMA specified architecture at the terminal, communication and back- office levels;
  3. Stabilise and pilot a modular, designed to become of the shelf, scalable and customisable open solution;
  4. Propose the EUROPTIMA proven results to an adequate level of standardisation (ERP components, protocols, extensions and complements to the existing standards);
  5. Define the EUROPTIMA business models, actively promote the results and prepare for production and commercial exploitation with the various stakeholders of the value chain.
Description of work
The work in EUROPTIMA is divided in four main streams:

  1. Project coordination and management (CNA lead position)
  2. Technical developments (CARD4B/YOUMOVE lead position)
  3. Demonstrations and assessments (VEOLIA and OTLIS joint lead position)
  4. Exploitation and communication issues (MTA lead position).

There are five milestones for the technical development:

  1. General Specifications - EUROPTIMA System Architecture in the Ticketing and Mobility Ecosystem (May 2011);
  2. Detailed Specifications of EUROPTIMA System in its ticketing and mobility ecosystem (July 2011);
  3. Software Components Implementation - EUROPTIMA Ticketing Application Kernel Software (September 2012) ;
  4. Hardware and Protocol Components Testing and Adaptation - EUROPTIMA Physical Architecture and BO/FO Protocol (July 2012) ;
  5.  Integration of the Components - EUROPTIMA Platform (September 2012).

The developments for the production of the EUROPTIMA platform will be integrated and tested in a laboratory environment in order to assess how the conceptual architecture translated into functional and well delimited modules works. Afterwards EUROPTIMA architecture will be installed into two demonstration sites from France and Portugal, both having a small scale size and using lightweight terminals.

A specific task of exploitation will consist in the input of the results from EUROPTIMA into standardization and specification bodies, such as NFC forum, EMVco, ISO and CEN.
From the beginning of the project an advisory group will be built which will be informed on the progress of the project and have opportunity to comment about EUROPTIMA vision and developments.

EUROPTIMA will produce a six monthly newsletter diffused to the community of contactless ticketing, payment and NFC, informing on the progress of the developments and on the targets being achieved.

Tehnical Aproach
The major technical goals of EUROPTIMA are:

  • Functionalities: identify the complete set of functionalities that allow setting up a complete ticketing system, and foreseeing the most generic data-model that could serve those functionalities
  • Modularity: isolate the different functionalities into coherent modules, and define the interfaces between them (inter-back-office, or between back-office and front-office)
  • Portability: guidelines related with the way that each module should be engineered, in a way that it can simplify the process of adaptation of each functionality to each customer local requirement
  • Flexiblity: guidelines related with the way the software technology should be used towards guaranteeing as most as possible that the same software component could be deployed into several different run-time environments
  • Scalability: means of exploring the modularity and portability, allow the systems to be designed and implemented in different levels of scalability and modes of production, namely to turn the back-office to be deployable into Software as a Service (SaaS) models.


  The technical approach expected usage include the:

  • Ability to implement and EUROPTIMA F.O. and B.O. system which can fully use customer media and data-models of an existing schema(circulating cards and other customer media)
  • Ability to integrate more easily EUROPTIMA F.O. software into standard hardware (e.g. re-usage of existing standard and open hardware)
  • Ability to integrate EUROPTIMA B.O. software components towards extending market B.O. solutions (typically ERP with API integration interfaces)
  • Ability to integrate an EUROPTIMA F.O. (hardware and software) with an existing B.O. if compliant with the EUROPTIMA interfaces
  • Ability to integrate an EUROPTIMA B.O. with an existing F.O. if compliant with the EUROPTIMA interfaces